This week we hear from our builder, general contractor, champion and friend Bob Burnside:

Bob Burnside, Fireside Home ConstructionI have always taken great satisfaction in working with a client to see a wonderful project come to completion. I always go back to the first day on site to begin the memory journey. I remember the day about 3 years ago when Tom Burbeck and I first met and walked the two-track back into the 15 acres to look at the prospective new home site for the Burbeck home. I also remember the day I first met Marti Burbeck and knowing immediately that these were great folks who could be wonderful clients but also life long friends. A real joy and my wishes are now coming true.

After a long 3-year planning journey, foundations are in place, the carpenters are about to start framing and we at Fireside Home Construction can now do what we do best: build wonderful, durable and efficient buildings to provide long-term satisfaction and enjoyment for their occupants. I am proud to be the general contractor, thrilled to be working with a world class architect, Michael Klement, owner of Architectural Resource, and most proud to be working for and with Tom and Marti Burbeck. This is a dream project with great future implications and I am so excited to be able to shepherd the construction progress.

Bob Burnside
Owner, Fireside Home Construction

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