Human Scale and Humane Places

The entry to the project was carefully designed at the human scale, striving to make the approach on foot “the main show,” as occupants and visitors approach the tower entrance. Exterior paved areas were carefully avoided. Crushed stone and was used for the driveway area adjacent to the barn, and recycled ground asphalt was used on the long driveway. Bluestone pathways were used to connect to exterior areas.

Universal Access to Nature and Place

Although not required, the home was designed to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to the greatest extent practical. Since one of the main goals of the project is to provide food for the local market and especially for those with limited access to fresh produce, social equity has been, and will continue to remain a significant component of the entire scope of the design, construction, and ongoing farm operations for decades to come.

Democracy and Social Justice

The main floor layouts of the farmhouse and barn have been designed to accommodate all occupants, regardless of the level of physical ability. The tower entrance, farm office exterior door, and barn doors (interior and exterior) are all at no-step elevation. Adequate wheelchair turnaround radii are available at crucial locations. Both main floor bathrooms are easily adaptable to accommodate roll-in showers. The owners and the architect thoughtfully considered the floor plan to ensure that the house will remain comfortable and accommodating for as long as possible as residents age. This accessibility will continue for centuries to come, because the primary living area is located on the main floor of the home.

Rights to Nature

Burh Becc produces no noxious emissions. The building is not tall enough nor close enough to the edge of the property boundary to block adjacent facades and rooftops from receiving sunlight. Restoring the native oak-hickory savanna will only enhance the access to nature of adjacent sites. As part of the site water mitigation strategy, water retention ponds and rain gardens have been installed on the project site to manage water flow and retention.

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