Tom recently sent an email to Bob, our builder, and his crew, thanking them for their careful work on our new home. It’s well worth publishing this short message, since every single person who’s had a hand in this project has gone above and beyond to make this a successful endeavor.

steph and hannahWhy just last week, in fact, our interior design team at Organizational Design showed their mettle, with Jane Hughes’ wonderful assistant Stephanie spending a day on our drawings with 3-week-old Hannah in tow. Awesome!

Hi Bob,

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I want to say it clearly in an email all its own . . . Marti and I really appreciate the way you, Roy, Brent and the whole framing crew have stepped up 100% to the challenge of building an industry-leading home. You guys are actually crafting a “Living Building,” with all its associated complications and technical demands . . .

  • complications caused by the many strict rules of the Living Building Challenge (like working only with materials and misc. supplies that are approved and tightly controlled at the site), and
  • technical demands for getting the level of performance from the building necessary to meet the many lofty goals of the Living Building Challenge, like net-zero energy, net-zero water, net-zero waste, etc.

Marti and I are very impressed with the quality of your work, the speed and efficiency of the teamwork, and the harmony that pervades the job site. Please pass along our hearty thanks to the team. Good job everyone!

Tom and Marti

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