A west coast transplant, Tom is happily married to Marti, and father of two adult sons who live in Ann Arbor and with whom he spends time every day.

He is a principal of a medium-sized software firm serving publishers world wide, and spends about 25% of his time in western Europe working with clients there.

Tom has had a lifelong love of architecture and design. He reads theology and history avidly, and has, of course, a growing interest in permaculture.

Tom says, “We were introduced to the concept of green building and the Living Building Challenge by our architect Michael Klement. I’ve welcomed this opportunity to exercise fully my four major interests.

“Our Living Building will provide a base of operation for establishing a permaculture farm, and organizing community resources for growing and distributing fresh produce for the community.

“Our LBC project provides a wonderful platform for our team of professionals to move forward the cause of sustainable building. The new and engaging relationships seem endless.

“Our Living Building will provide a forum for ongoing education in sustainable building and farming, as well as a lively gathering place for family and friends.”