We plan to use a snow and rainwater harvesting system, capturing runoff from the roofs of the farmhouse and barn to supply 7,500 gallons of in-ground cisterns and a permanent pond. The water in the cisterns will provide for all non-potable  water needs in the farmhouse and barn, and for irrigation of the areas immediately surrounding the farmhouse. Harvested water in excess of the cisterns’ capacity will be diverted to the permanent pond west of the barn. The pond will have freeboard capacity functioning as a rain garden.

Initially we will use well water for potable water use. As building codes allow, we’ll switch to only harvested water for all potable and non-potable needs.

100% of storm water will be managed on the site through a series of rain gardens and a retention pond allowing water to infiltrate into the groundwater system. Gray water will be directed from the house to a gray water leach field and rain garden west of the house.

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