Our design starts with a tight and well-insulated envelope in order to minimize both heating and cooling energy needs.

Direct gain and Trombe wall passive solar components further reduce the home’s energy needs. Rough estimates indicate that the project may be getting as much as 11,000 kW hours from the passive solar component alone, which will greatly reduce the heating demands of the house. Properly sized overhangs will reduce summer cooling needs while bringing in the winter sun.

We are planning for an air-to-water heat pump to provide hydronic radiant in-floor heat, domestic hot water and chilled water for forced-air cooling.

An energy recovery ventilator (ERV), integrated into the air system, will insure fresh air within the home. The electricity needed to operate the air-to-water heat pump will be provided by a 60-panel photovoltaic array mounted on the roof of the garage-barn. A  mini-split system may be used to periodically heat and cool the barn shop.

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